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Need to prepare accounting records and submit your BVI Annual Return? Look no further. Our dedicated teams offer tailored solutions for your BVI Company’s Accounting needs. Stay ahead and simplify your BVI Annual Return preparation with our dedicated team. Contact us today for more information.

BVI Accounting Solutions

Through the use of specialized software we are able to provide a professional, fast, and low-cost BVI Accounting service that meets your unique business needs. Our technology keeps our costs down and the result is a fast, low-cost, personalized service for you, our client.

Specialized Accounting Services

Our Accounting Specialists will prepare the Accounting Records & Annual Returns of  your British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company quick and cost-efficiently. We prepare your accounting records on our specialized software under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which are duly recognisable across most of the jurisdictions. You will have an experienced, qualified accountant working on your company’s financials and supporting you at all times.

Financial Statements

We will import the Accounting Records we have prepared in our specialised software for preparation of Financial Statements (FS) and provide you a full set of FS prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards and with accompanying notes, which can be presented to authorities, banks etc. 

BVI Accountants - BVI Annual Return Preparation Services

BVI Annual Returns

We specialize in addressing the new BVI Annual Financial Return requirement. Our expert accounting teams are thoroughly versed in this regulatory change and stand prepared to deliver top-notch accounting services. We can therefore assist in preparing accounting records and annual returns even when the BVI Company never prepared accounting records before. You can read more about this new requirement in our article here

BVI Accounting Requirements

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The BVI Business Companies Act has been amended during August 2022 and effective from 1 January 2023 it requires BVI Business Companies to submit an Annual Financial Return to their Registered Agent which will be due nine months after the end of the financial year to which the annual return relates (limited exceptions apply).

The template of the return consists of a simple Income Statement and Balance Sheet and will not be required to be audited. It can also be prepared in any currency, in which the Company prepares its financial records. You can see a copy of the return here.

We advise all of our clients to start preparing for the regulation change and keep Financial Records to make the preparation of their Company’s Annual Financial Return easier.

You can read more information on this change in our blog article here. We have also created a specialized page for Annual Return Submissions – – which includes a lot of information and answers frequent questions on the matter.

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The BVI Business Companies Act states that all BVI Companies need to keep Financial Records and underlying documentation, which can be kept at any place around the world, but the Record-Keeping Address and Record Keeper need to be known by the Registered Agent of the Company. The documents need to be kept for a period of 5 years from the date of the transaction they relate to.

Financial Records can be any document which ‘explains’ the Financial Transactions of the Company. Such records may be but are not limited to Invoices, Bank Statements, Agreements, and any other document of accounting significance.

For more information on Financial Records you can read our blog article here.

Audit of Financial Statements is not required in the BVI unless the Company is regulated (depending on type of regulation). 

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Annual Return preparation starting from $250

Specialized service offerring to assist you in completing the Annual Return requirement only for $250 for simple Companies. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

A simple set of unaudited Financial Statements may include, but not limited to the following:

  1. General information about the entity – Directors, Secretary, Registered office etc.

  2. Balance Sheet – displays the Company’s assets, liabilities, and equity (share capital, retained earnings/losses etc.).

  3. Profit & Loss – the Company’s income and expenses.

  4. Statement of Changes in Equity.

  5. Accompanying notes – include Company’s activities, relevant accounting policies and notes with the breakdown of material amounts shown in the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

In accordance with the BVI Business Companies Act amendments 2022 from 1 January 2023 every BVI Company will need to submit a Financial Return to its Registered Agent, 9 months after the Company’s Financial Year end. The Financial Return will consist of a simple Income Statement and Balance Sheet and will not need to be audited.

You can read more information and see a copy of the return in our blog article here.

A transaction is any deposit into or withdrawal from the bank or an investment in an asset. This is assuming all payments and receipts are done through the company’s bank. An example can be payment to suppliers, salary payments, expenses reimbursement or customer transfer. Bank fees and charges will not be considered a transaction.

There are no prescribed Accounting Standards to be used mentioned in the BVI Business Companies Act. Our Firm prepares your Financial Statements using the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which are widely known and used in most jurisdictions and are also accepted for the Annual Financial Return completion.

In addition to comply with the BVI Business Companies Act as described above, it is always good management practice to have Accounting Records & Financial Statements. As the worldwide Tax landscape changes constantly, FS may be required for Tax reporting purposes in your country of domicile or by banks, from potential investors and will be useful for your understanding on your Company’s performance.

Absolutely. We make the transition seamless on your end. We’ll communicate directly with your current accounting service provider, take over all your financial documents, and review to ensure that they are complete. Now that your accounting is in good hands, you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Short answer to this is no. There is no requirement in the BVI for the auditor of your Financial Statements to be licensed & approved by the BVI Financial Services Commission unless you are a BVI Licensed Entity (Securities and Investment, Banking, Money Services, Insurance Company).

Yes, we provide Accounting Services even when we dont incorporate a Company or when we are not the Registered Agent. We dont provide such services in any case as we specialize in the provision of Accounting Services. 

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