Why you need accounting records for your BVI Crypto Company

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has long been a popular destination for incorporating offshore companies. With its favorable tax laws and simple incorporation process, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs and investors choose to establish their businesses in the BVI.

In recent years a lot of crypto companies have also chosen BVI as a destination for doing business with and incorporating their entities there. If you operate a crypto company in the BVI, it’s important to understand the importance of maintaining accurate accounting records. While many of the reasons for maintaining accounting records for a BVI company also apply to a BVI crypto company, there are some unique considerations to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll explore why accounting records are important for BVI crypto companies.

Compliance with local regulations

Like all BVI companies, BVI crypto companies are subject to local regulations that require the maintenance of accurate financial records and filing of annual returns.

The BVI Business Companies Act requires that every BVI company, submits an Annual Return to its Registered Agent 9 months after the financial year end of the Company. For example if the Company has an year end 31 December 2023 then it will need to submit its Annual Return by 30th September 2024. More information on the BVI Annual Return requirement can be found here, or you can visit our dedicated website on the matter annualreturn.vg.

In addition, crypto companies may be subject to additional regulations related to cryptocurrency and digital asset service providers. For example, The Virtual Assets Service Providers Act, 2022 has recently been introduced and one of the requirements is for the entity to have accounting records and an auditor appointed. You can find more information on this act in our article here.

By maintaining accurate accounting records, you can ensure compliance with local regulations and demonstrate that your company is operating in a responsible and transparent manner.

Facilitate any tax compliance requirements

Crypto companies may be subject to unique tax considerations, especially if they operate in multiple jurisdictions. For example, different countries may have different tax laws regarding the treatment of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related activities.

Maintaining accurate accounting records can help ensure compliance with local tax laws and make it easier to complete tax filings. This is especially important for crypto companies, which may be subject to additional reporting requirements related to cryptocurrency transactions.

Please note that BVI is a tax neutral jurisdiction, meaning zero tax on BVI Business Companies, however, you may need to present accounting records and financial statements in your country of domicile for tax purposes, therefore the above may still be applicable based on your unique requirements.

Monitor business performance

Maintaining accurate accounting records is also crucial for monitoring the financial performance of your BVI crypto company. This is particularly important in the volatile and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency.

By tracking revenue, expenses, and profits, you can monitor the ‘health’ of your business and make informed decisions about its future. For example, if you notice that your expenses are consistently higher than your revenue, you may need to re-evaluate your business strategy and find ways to reduce costs.

Attract investors

As with any business, maintaining accurate accounting records can help attract investors to your BVI crypto company. Investors want to see that a company has a solid financial foundation and a clear understanding of its financial performance.

By maintaining accurate accounting records and by preparing financial statements, you can provide potential investors with the information they need to make an informed decision about investing in your company. This can help you secure the funding you need to grow and expand your business.

Assist with audits

Maintaining accurate accounting records can make the audit process much smoother in the event of an audit. An audit is an examination of your company’s financial records and operations to ensure that they are accurate and comply with local regulations.

Audits are not required for unregulated business in the BVI, however, this may be required for your BVI Crypto Company as part of a larger group audit or because the Company is regulated in the BVI or for internal purposes.

If you maintain accurate accounting records, you can easily provide the auditors with the information they need to complete their examination. This can save time and money and help ensure that the audit process goes smoothly.

Secure Financing

Accounting records and financial statements may be required when you are seeking financing either from banks or from other institutions. You can read our article here for more information how proper accounting records can assist your BVI Company in securing financing.

Bank Account Opening and operation

We have come along many instances in recent years of our clients in need of financial statements for bank purposes. Many banks across the globe are now requiring financial statements before opening, or to continue operating a bank account, therefore it is much better to be prepared for such a request when it arises.


In conclusion, maintaining accurate accounting records is essential for any business, including a BVI crypto company. Accurate accounting records ensure compliance with local regulations, facilitate tax compliance, monitor business performance, attract investors, and assist with audits. By prioritizing accounting record-keeping, you can demonstrate that your BVI crypto company is operating in a responsible and transparent manner and position your company for long-term success.


Here at BVIAccountants we understand why accounting records and financial statements are needed and our specialized teams are well prepared to assist you in preparing such in an efficient and cost-effective way. Contact us today at contact@bviaccountants.com for more information on how we can assist you.